“Sharing ‘good air’ with important people… this is likely to become common sense in the new era”

写真:株式会社 ISLAND BAR 代表取締役社長。ファッションエディター/クリエイティブディレクター

Satoshi Nakamoto
Fashion Editor/ Creative Director/
CEO and Representative Director, ISLAND BAR Co., Ltd.

Satoshi Nakamoto is an energetic editor, mainly focused on the cutting edge in lifestyles for men, amid the rapidly changing fashion scene. He leads a busy life managing the boutique shop “THE BAR,” producing a lineup based on his own outstanding sensibility and wealth of knowledge and is also active on YouTube.

“AkariAir” is an item he is currently focused on.

“If asked whether fashion is an element required in household electrical appliances, I would say I do not think it is necessarily the case. However, when selecting items to be near me, I obviously think that design is required element for household electrical appliances as well. I think that ‘AkariAir’ is one item that has an amazingly high level of perfection in its design.”

Nakamoto-san, who only chooses the best and is particular about products, will not accept compromise in design even for household electrical appliances.

“For example, many people highly value sophisticated digital equipment that has had the waste removed don’t they? I had an intuition that the geometric pattern (Penrose design) of the ‘AkariAir’ would likely be a very good accent when combined with such snobby products. Natural design, which is close to my heart, has high affinity with various interior items.”

写真:ギターを弾いているシーンの中本 智士さん

“The tools used in my office are Japanese brands and I am particular about the raw materials such as natural woods and the finishing touches. I like luxury products that basically have a simple design. I am attracted to its high quality. By placing an ‘AkariAir’ in the place that I love, it becomes a great accent from a design perspective. All at once it becomes modernized. ‘AkariAir’ updates a minimal design space in an instant. It has that sort of power.”

Nakamoto-san, is focused on “AkariAir” with its high design sense, but design is not the only reason why he selected “AkariAir.”

“I realized after using it, that the operating sound is very quiet. Even so, while there is moderate sound of the fan, it is very faint. It is the same as for cars; I think things that move need to make some sort of sound. Don’t you think that when it makes a sound you can really feel that it is working properly. The operating sound of the ‘AkariAir’ is extremely quiet. However, at the same time, it is making the air clean and provides a sense of confidence. It is extremely relaxing.”

Nakamoto-san is satisfied with using the “AkariAir” to his heart’s content in his own surroundings such as in his office and at home. Moreover, he is also attracted to the high level of mobility of the unit since he travels on various forms of transport and stays at hotels.

写真:アカリアを持った立ち姿の中本 智士さん

“The compact size of about a 500mL pet bottle also makes ‘AkariAir’ attractive. And, it is light due to the ingenuity of the materials. That is why I can easily take this when covering a story or at business trip destinations. Although it may be fine if there is air conditioning while in transit or at the destination, this does not necessarily mean that the space has clean air.

But, if I take ‘AkariAir’ with me, it makes the air around me clean… and that gives me confidence. However, I would not say that it is too small (laughs). You may think me contradictory, but don’t you feeling that you would like to show off good design items to those around you. If it were too small, others nearby would not be aware of its existence, so I think this size is just right for me.”

Towards an era of sharing clean air with “important people”

The good design and high level of mobility are appealing features of the "AkariAir,“ but the issue of concern is likely to be its capacity to purify the air. Having experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, Nakamoto-san appears to have become more conscious of “air quality.”

“I have a predisposition towards allergies. I also suffered from asthma as a child. I think that is why I am very sensitive to air quality. Furthermore, the spread of COVID-19 heightened my previously rising awareness of air quality.”

Nakamoto-san, who has many meetings such as preparatory meetings as he works with people face to face, is not only thinking of himself but also paying attention to the other parties.

写真:打ち合わせでアカリアを使用している中本 智士さん

“I often meet and talk to people for my work and depending on the circumstances such as the details of the coverage and photographs or when working overseas, it is not viable to wear a mask. It is honestly very difficult to directly say to everyone in attendance “shall we all wear masks?” So, if using the ‘AkariAir’ at such time, I can purify the air in my personal space, while also contributing to the health care of others.

I can casually place the ‘AkariAir’ on the edge of the table… It makes me think that this could become a new post-COVID custom. However, it is not because I simply want to have an air purifier near me. Because it is a necessity, I also want it to be a design item that makes me feel ‘I want to carry it.’ In the case of ‘AkariAir,’ I want to take it outside, which is my genuine thinking.”


中本 智士さん

Satoshi Nakamoto

CEO and Representative Director of ISLAND BAR Co., Ltd.
Fashion Editor/ Creative Director

Nickname: Satoshino

Operates the online new sensation boutique shop “THE BAR,” which is based on 3 elements of TIMELESS, LUXE, and SEXY and presides over the YouTube Channel “Satoshino Channel.” He is also active on many levels including the establishment of the fashion brand “111 (Triple one)” in collaboration with fashion director Yoshimasa Hoshiba.

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