“Air Care’ is essential to protect my dogs’ health and skin as well as my own.”

写真:モデル:桐山マキさん 2匹のワンコ

Fashion model.:Maki Kiriyama

Maki Kiriyama is a popular model who appears in magazines and commercials. Many are charmed by her elegance and beauty, and she has appeared in many advertisements for national clients.

She also appears in “WOLF LADY,” where she plans and hosts events concerned with increasing affinity for cute rescue pets and lives a fulfilling life with her three dogs.

In fact, she has for many years been afflicted by allergies. Her beautiful appearance and healthy beautiful skin appears to have masked her secret hardship…

“I have suffered from allergies since I was a child and have suffered from asthma for a long time. I also have hay fever and atopic dermatitis, so air purifiers are very important to me. For my own protection. For example, I find house dust to be a real issue when changing clothes… At such times, I use the ‘AkariAir’ as an air purifier when in confined spaces. Furthermore, my concerns about house dust have been eased by wearing a mask.”

写真:モデル:桐山マキさん 2匹のワンコ

Koharu-chan, Kokowakame-san, Bu-chan. At first, she had some troubles when living with her three rescue dogs.

“I grew up with dogs as a child and thought ‘I am not going to let allergies win.’ By washing the three dogs and using an air purifier and, now since starting to use the ‘AkariAir,’ which ventilates the room and assists with my personal space, I find that bad conditions are less likely to emerge for my skin even if it's skin-to-skin. Naturally, in seasons when the air is dry or when hay fever is prevalent my skin can become chapped and I can suffer a cough. However, the conditions are mild. I feel that I can protect my pets and myself by keeping the air clean.”

Does Maki san, who uses the “AkariAir” to improve the air around her so that life with her three dogs goes smoothly, have any concerns about the smell?

“There was a dog smell even after wiping the floor after a dog had relieved itself and no matter what I did it would not go away. I was sometimes completely overwhelmed by the smell on returning home after completing my errands. That is when I turned on an air purifier to freshen up the entire room and added in the ‘AkariAir’ for the space surrounding me. Then, somehow, the air feels lighter, I ceased to be very concerned about the smell.”

So, the “AkariAir” makes life comfortable for Maki-san and her three dogs as it is compact and quiet.

“It is amazingly compact and light, so it does not get in the way even if I carry it in my handbag. When I carry it, it is really convenient and helps me. Fans on other air purifiers that I use become noisy when the filter becomes slightly clogged. By comparison, I do not need to be concerned about the noise level of the fan on the ‘AkariAir,’ My dogs seem to have absolutely no concern. In particular, Kokowakame-san, used be a wild dog that is very sensitive to mechanical noises, shows no displeasure at all. Moreover, ‘AkariAir’ is very easy to maintain. It is really simple and can be maintained just by removing spots from the filter and sucking up the dust with a vacuum cleaner without washing with water. Then, although not visible, you know that it ‘does light sterilization’ which is amazingly comforting. I am in a space where I am confident about the air around me, which helps me to live stress free.”

Maki-san is satisfied with her every daily life with “AkariAir” and, of course, she also uses it while working.


“I often go to regional locations for work, which means I spend a long time commuting and in hotels, and I tend to be sensitive to even the slightest dust, etc. The situation has been so bad that I have even ended up with hives on occasion. I have also experienced wheezing and difficulties in breathing due to asthma, while I am also concerned about smells. Even though the facilities that visit take air purification measures, I am much comforted by having the ‘AkariAir’ by my side as a plus alpha because it can sanitize and deodorize. It has an elegant design, and others think that it must be some form of aromatherapy-type device fitted with a soothing lamp. So, I also like it because it makes people around you feel safe and confortable.”

Since I work as a model, I can really feel that it is significant in being air care
for the skin


“AkariAir” fits perfectly with Maki-san’s lifestyle. We asked the popular model Maki-san about the significance of “Air Care for the skin” from a professional’s eye of beauty.

“In the times ahead, I think air care will be essential for anyone aiming to have beautiful skin. I order in and use mineral water from Kyushu, and it is only natural that I would give the same level of consideration in relation to air. I believe there is a close relationship between air purification and skin care. Furthermore, since experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is no doubt somewhat concerned about being in a place where many people have gathered. When in environments that differ from my ordinary life, I also take care not to let my skin be touched by hands that have been touched something. If the ‘AkariAir’ can assist at such time by deodorizing and sanitizing my surrounding space, it gives me a completely different sense of security. It might help reduce the risk of catching a cold and having rough skin…, that‘s what I think of.”


Maki Kiriyama

Fashion model.

Born Minoh City, Osaka. Debut as an exclusive model in the magazine PINKY in 2005.
Active in many magazines and commercials and on the front page and pages of United Nations’ publications, etc.
Meanwhile, her lifework is devoted to awareness campaigns concerning rescue dogs.

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